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createImageBitmap polyfill for Safari and Edge

webp images come alive, even in safari and ie11! firefox and edge now support webp webp-hero actually runs google's libwebp decoder in the browser — it converts webp images to png's on-the-fly webp-hero's polyfill functionality renders decoded image data to a hidden canvas, and converts that to. And so after a really long time, I came up with the following polyfill: Feel free to use it anywhere you like, and save yourself the headache that I've had for so long. Edit: ImageBitmap works on Firefox, but recently I've been using ES6 Modules as well, which aren't enabled in. Be it browser issues, the responsive images specifications, or Picturefill itself, there are a couple gotchas you should be aware of when working with Picturefill: Firefox 38 and 39 has some bugs where images won't update on screen resize. These issues are addressed by Picturefill 3.0.0, and was fixed in. The CSS Paint API is a new feature introduced in Chrome 65 that allows you to programmatically generate an image whenever a CSS property expects an image. How to use it: Install & download the CSS Paint API Polyfill.NPM $ npm install css-paint-polyfill --save. Import the CSS Paint API Polyfill.

Pressure is really simple to install, you can use npm or bower, or head over to the github and download the repo itself. All you need is the pressure.min.js or the pressure.js file. It’s true, Internet Explorer does not support responsive images, but given that only its latest version stuck around and it’s slowly disappearing from our radars in the websites we manage, its share is around 4%, I’d suggest NOT to use a responsive images polyfill for it, and just rely on the image.

可以在 babel-polyfill npm 发布版中的 dist/polyfill.js 文件中找到它。 它需要在你编译过的 Babel 代码之前被包括进去。你可以将它追加到你编译过的代码中,或者在这些代码之前通过